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COVID-19 Precautionary Procedures

(As mandated by Ontario Ministry of Health and the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario (CMTO) 


COViD19 appointment and business operations procedures:



  • Answer Pre-Screening Questions at time of booking.  The questions will be sent to you via text, email or verbally over the phone.  

  • PRE-SCREEN: yourself before heading out for your treatment.

  • WEAR A MASK: to your appointment, you may be refused treatment for not having one.

  • (in accordance to Ministry of Health of Ontario) If you forget, we will do our best to provide one to you, but this be will be based on stock availability for myself to provide safe treatment to all clients.  A $2.00 will be added to your invoice. 

  • TEXT US: (for social distancing) no more than 10 minutes ahead of appointment time.

    •         let us help you enter the clinic space. less touch points for you.

  • QUESTIONS on PRE-SCREEN: MUST answer/test at clinic doors

  • WASH and DISINFECT HANDS: Upon entering and leaving must wash hands and disinfect.  You will be directed to the studio’s washroom if you are a new client.

  • UPDATED HEALTH HISTORY FORM: According to COViD protocols / screening and time since last treatment this MUST be updated.  Currently, clients are asked pre-screening questions from the Ontario Public Health Covid-web-site.  Your Massage Therapist will will ask Pre-Screening questions upon booking and appointment, followed by the day of the appointment.  This will be done via phone, text or email (depending how you have initially contacted the studio for your appointment. There is a tab to download a PDF file for printing, to be filled in advance before.  ARRIVE ALONE and ON TIME: for social distancing and where possible, use your discretion.  





  2. WEAR A MASK: Your Massage Therapist will wear a mask during your appointment. .

  3. HAND WASHING and DISINFECTING: before/after massage, before and after touching surfaces (including linens, door handles, health history forms, masks, etc.)

  4. REPLACEMENT of ALL LINENS; sheets, pillow cases, face cradle covers (common practice already) a disposable cradle cover will also be offered.

  5. DISINFECT ALL SURFACES;  between each client; face cradle and surfaces, table top, arm rests, stool, chair, door handles, clipboard,

  6. KEEP A ROSTER OF CLIENTS; for contact tracing purposes ONLY, this is another Ministry of Ontario guideline.

  7. APPOINTMENT SPACING:  Social Distancing measures,  20 minutes is now observed between appointments.

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