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Temporary pandemic worker earns permanent job for exceptional work

A home for seniors in Amherstview has recognized a Kingston woman for her exceptional work with seniors.

Adrianne Hollington smiles when informed she is the Employee of the Month for December at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge.


“It’s very exciting,” says the 29-year-old from the popular home. “I put a lot of heart into working here. I love the residents and I try to encourage them during this time of crisis. I’m honoured and humbled I would even be selected for this award.”

Hired by the home last April, Adrianne did such a good job assisting with enhanced infection control measures (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), she was offered a permanent job in the retirement lodge as a Residential Aide.


“To be that person who brightens their day, and to have their trust, is incredibly important to me,” she says kindly. “I feel like I’m a cheerleader for them. I feel so blessed to be here. It’s phenomenal what this home does for its residents.”  As a Residential Aide, Adrianne provides assisted daily living at the accredited home near the shore of Lake Ontario. “I enjoy the work,” she says thoughtfully. “I find it meaningful. It challenges me to do things such as clean, serve in the dining rooms, and provide care. I absolutely love helping the residents. They are cute and sassy.”


When she’s not at work, Adrianne can be found at her home in Kingston caring for her two-year-old son and three stepchildren.

“We have a house full of boys,” she says with a laugh.  Asked to describe herself, she notes, “I’m very enthusiastic in my caregiving role. I’m passionate about the geriatric population and I enjoy the physical side of my work. I feel like I get a good workout”  Prior to joining the home, Adrianne was a caregiver for an individual with a traumatic brain injury. Her background is in behavioural science.


“Geriatrics and Alzheimer’s are now my cup of tea,” she explains. “I love what I’m doing, and I would like to finish obtaining my Personal Support Worker designation. Eventually, I’d like to return to school and get my degree in psychology.”


Questions for Adrianne

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

“I’d like to read people’s minds when it comes to their health care. It would also help me understand people’s mental health needs.”

If you could rule the world, what would you do on day one?

“I’d give more financial support to long-term care and help improve our health care/mental health care systems. There are not enough resources for people. There’s a lot of COVID burn-out.”

If you were not at your current job, what would you be doing?

“I would love to work in the field of brain injury and rehabilitation. It’s extremely rewarding to help people after they are injured. I like to see them grow and relearn tasks they have lost. I’d love to be the person who helps them.”

Helen Henderson Care Centre is grateful for the passion and enthusiasm of Adrianne Hollington. 

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